Vanity Fair:
Branding, Design & motion System

A complete brand refresh that would take Vanity Fair into the realm of new media.
Banding and design system: Montage

Vanity Fair came to versus for a complete brand refresh, design and motion system that would build upon the brands identity, and carry them into the new media and content space.

as well as make a bold statement that would embody the Vanity Fair ethos and approach.

Building on the legacy of VF, as one of the most design centric magazines was no easy challenge.

Designing and giving VF a Motion system that elevated the brand was even harder.

Through conversations, brand discussions and future planning, we developed a package that made sense for Vanity Fair’s needs. This included being able to grow with the brand and the current state of technology by functioning directly with theirs and Conde Nast’s existing work-flow and pipeline.

We collaborated with the team at Vanity Fair through the entire process ensuring that all needs were being met, as well as adapting to new ideas and series that were in development at the time. As their teams worked through ever-changing needs and figured out the direction they wanted to take the brand, we were there to make sure the designs and the following toolkit would be in line with anything and everything that would or could arise in the future.

At the culmination of this process we delivered a toolkit that was completely streamlined and easy to use.