verizon: iconic

Versus Partners with R/GA & Verizon to Celebrate the iPhone 15 Launch with a 300-foot J Balvin immersive experience.

Versus partnered with R/GA, Verizon, and Apple, to create a dozen unique deliverables for the campaign, from the main AR campaign spot and its cutdowns, to BTS videos featuring J. Balvin’s insights on the project.

a 300-foot tall J. Balvin will arrive at fans’ doors to give customers the chance to “catch" iPhone 15 Pro.

Challenged to seamlessly blend the J Balvin CG and live action plates, the Versus team created a new J Balvin CG model, featuring true to life details, from hair styles to tattoos, then brought him to (larger than) life to show how he (and the iPhone) are coming to your neighborhood.