First Tampon Stories

Normalizing conversations about tampons in engaging ways to show young girls they’re not alone.
Series montage

Publicis and tampax came to Versus to thoughtfully concept, craft, and find the appropriate approach for this often taboo subject

We developed an approachable yet accessible look and tone that didn't take itself too seriously, while also taking itself quite seriously.

A youthful and vibrant visual style through rich and textured illustrations, that felt more like a vivid memory or journal entry, then a typical animated story

For this brand-new series, we filmed several young girls bringing to life the harrowing and sometimes hilarious tampon adventures that await young women.

Our animation team then animated these eye-popping illustrations in fun, entertaining ways that were both human and relatable.

Hitting the right tone across all elements was crucial here, so we made sure to convey moments of vulnerability, reassurance, humor and, of course, triumph, all to make sure that these stories resonated with viewers.