3>2: The Legend of the Longshot

Lem and Lime took the NBA Finals by storm this year. Instead of a traditional marketing campaign, Starry, the official soft drink of the NBA, stole the show with a little assistance from Versus, Ten35, and basketball superstars Zion Williamson, Karl-Anthony Towns, Matt Barnes, Angel Reese, and current NBA Finals participant, Jamal Murray.

a mockumentary and campaign that would teach the next generation of basketball fans about the origins of the 3-ball.

Entitled "3 is Greater Than 2,” the film and campaign showed how the 3-pointer forever changed basketball, just as Starry is doing to the beverage game.

3>2: Commercial

a 5-week schedule from concept to delivery, to create a long form film, a unique :30 and all digital, and social delievrables and assets... Yikes.

like any good game-winning shot, the clock was against us.  Meeting this deadline took coordinated efforts across Versus’s VFX, editorial, animation, and 3D departments, all working in well choreographed parallel timelines due to the schedule

Making of

Over 5 Million views and engagements to date across all social channels

Becoming the most successful campaign in Starry’s history.