Sonic stories

A unique monthly digital series for JBL featuring today’s most influential athletes, sharing their inspirational stories of dedication, determination and greatness.

JBL came to Versus to concept and craft this unique series in a visually rich way that would push the limits of creative storytelling.

and that's exactly what we did

A seamless blend of live action with 2d frame by frame illustration and animation

Each month, a simple live action shoot on location with our JBL talent set the stage and story. Then the Versus team of editors, designers, illustrators and animators got to work; thoughtfully crafting each character, scene, and moment, frame by frame.

Each story was brought to life with a focus on creating a look and feel that felt own-able to the series, while giving each story its own emotional journey and identity.

giannis antetokounmpo

Over 10 Million engagements to date across all social channels

JBL has far exceeded their initial social engagement goals and any other social campaign to date.

Bam Adebayo