stress tests

How do you show how tough a product is? You get a badass plumber to beat the hell out of it in every way possible.

Cue, the first of its kind plumbing stress test, for iconic brand John Guest.
Stress test

UK brand John Guest came to Versus to help launch its new product the “JG Prolock”, to an American audience in an innovative and attention grabbing way...

and to make sure the new JG ProLock fitting was the talk of the town in the plumbing community.

Tuning into the American plumbing mindset and tapping into the channel context, we chose to create dramatic scenarios to illustrate just how tough JG Prolock fittings are.

We conceived of a series of self-contained torture tests that featured an everyday plumber testing various extremes tension, pressure, and heat situations.

To get started, we spent days torture testing to see what these fittings could stand up to in regards to drilling, hammering, pressing, heating and freezing.  Spoiler alert, nothing stops these fittings. Once we saw just how unstoppable they were, we realized that the rest was going to be easy and decided to make ourselves a cup of tea. We cut together a master spot that could illustrate just how strong it was in multiple situations, as well as three single stories for social that showed its durability in isolated cases.