JBL SOnic Stories

JBL ambassadors share their biggest influences while exploring the power of sound.

Transporting Memories

Partnering with JBL ambassadors, such as Championship winner Giannis Antetokounmpo, legendary women’s basketball player Candace Parker and transcendent gamer Nadeshot, we were able to tap into their stories featuring personal sonic cues that transported them to those moments, which were then brought to life through animation.

storytelling through layers of visual and audible texture.

We brought energy to the live action through the integration of fluid illustration and animation that felt both grounded and also more like a vivid memory than an abstract or cartoonish world. 
Rather than transitioning through hard cuts, we chose to weave in and out of our live action and animation, seamlessly building out our story through layers of visual and audible texture.

Candace Parker
Video loops