Pepsi + Peeps

Peeps are a staple of spring and when they team up with Pepsi, magic happens.
Pepsi + Peeps "Stop"

Adding individual personalities to each Peep with fun 3d character animation.

Versus was tapped by Pepsi's creative services team to animate their latest spring spots - a collaboration between Pepsi x Peeps. Of course, it wouldn't be a challenge without a tight timeline. Originally given two weeks to produce 8 :10-:15s animations, The Versus  team jumped in without hesitation and made 3D magic. Although time was of the essence, they made it their mission to meet the task at hand producing realistic-looking peeps so cute you could eat or hug them and they delivered big for Pepsi.

Pepsi + Peeps "Spring Fling"
Pepsi + Peeps "how they met"

“These are sooooooo great! I just want a loop of them to run constantly..."

We love client feedback like this.

Pepsi + Peeps "connect"