15 Years or 500k Miles

From the price tag to the mile per gallon, a car is an investment that requires looking after.

Versus was tasked to Concept and craft a unique digital and social campaign to promote awareness of Pennzoil’s 15 years or 500,000 Miles Guarantee.

An engaging, memorable and impactful campaign, that contextualized just how amazing the Pennzoil claim is and how valuable it can be.

Versus created an own-able and unique 3D look, featuring product and messaging, within the bright, vivid Pennzoil yellow and black palette. Concepted and created in a mere three week timeframe, the Versus’ proof is in the Pennzoil campaign featured 4 x :30 and :15 OLV spots, for both the US and Canada, in multiple online aspect ratios.

Alaska to Florida
Joey Lagano