Crossing the Line

There is a thin line between drinking and riding.
crossing the line

Stratacom and NHTSA tapped Versus to concept and create their latest motorcycle, anti drinking and driving campaign.

We took the message and blew it out with a groundbreaking visual explosion of PSA goodness.

A full scale live action shoot brought to life in post production with visionary and innovative visual effects.

With ‘Cross the Line’ Versus created a high energy live action spot, mixing footage with photo-real CG, Motion GFX, and VFX, all in order to visualize a bold, dramatic narrative about how some lines should never be crossed. Making a parallel between the look of our film with that of the mindset of an intoxicated rider, Versus blurred the lines to mimic the abstract and unhinged world of an out-of-focus driver to bring home the point that you need to be smart and don’t drink and ride.