The Masked Singer

Season 10, Promo!

Versus recently teamed up with FOX to bring the highly anticipated Season 10 of Masked Singer to life with a new launch promo. The team at Versus was invited to showcase their creative prowess by imagining and bringing to life dancing CGI characters, pulled from the show’s title, in all their costumed glory.

2 weeks to create the promo from concept to on-air delivery!

With just two weeks to turn the concept into reality, the Versus 3D team worked tirelessly leaving no stone unturned in crafting 12 individual letters that would bring the new season of Masked Singer to life.  Due to its tight schedule to meet a high profile launch slot, Versus assembled an all-star team across multiple time zones, to ensure that the project was always moving forward and progressing through modeling, texturing, and animation.

Each letter was meticulously designed to tease a different costume,

boasting rich textures and intricate details.  Amongst the costumes utilized were fan favorites from previous seasons, as well as sneak peeks at new costumes that featured floral, aviary, and donut based textures - all set to debut this upcoming season.