Unbound: Ep 01 - Versus

The first in a series from Versus and LucidLink, highlighting how creative studios use LucidLink to create their best work and live Creatively "Unbound".

A unique marriage of product demo and Studio profile, brought to life through visually rich  storytelling.

Versus' approach was to abandon the traditional product demo, and bring to life the way we use LucidLink through the fun and craziness of running a creative production studio.

Each Episode of the series is created by the studio, in their own style with their own story, in their own unique way.

The team at Versus approached our episode by showing the real and crazy side of what working in the creative industry is like, in a fun and thoughtful way.

To do this, we used every tool in the Versus toolbox, from live action to design, VFX, animation, and beyond.

"The team at Versus are master storytellers constantly pushing the boundaries of their creativity through the combination of the right talent and technology..."

"They are the perfect partner to kick off this series with their film about how they have future-proofed their creativity and business. We hope this series will inspire other creative companies to push the boundaries of how creative teams have collaborated and operated to realize new working creative practices.” - Mike Harp. VP Marketing LucidLink