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Hey Versus, can you create content for the year that would enable Husky Tools to use data to inform which tools to focus on across six priority products and respond immediately with content promoting the in-demand products?

Yes we can.
144 Position Ratchet

Versus partnered with The Home Depot and 22SQ to realize a workflow and creative strategy that would enable a single upfront production push, that would allow content to be specifically created all year long.

The secret? Photo-real CG built into a real time rendering platform.

We created every tool in photo-real 3d to build a robust asset library that we would use to create dynamic spots on the fly throughout the year.

We had full control over every aspect from the look, pacing, movement, environment, to the camera angles. Additionally, by not being bound to real world physics or production logistics, we were able to achieve complex set-ups like tools exploding in and out of drawers or tools pouring into shelves with ease and precision. 3D allowed the team to capture the nuanced action of a moment suspended in time; a moment that shows incredible detail, beauty and grace and that could never be seen in real time through practical photography. Featuring quick cuts and varied close ups, the final animations alternated speed and camera angles to heighten drama while presenting the tools as the rugged, yet high-end products they are.

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