12 for 12

Drive new subscriptions by engaging a new audience across social media, in an innovative and visually engaging way.

The Economist and BrandPie came to Versus to concept and craft a unique campaign to attract new subscribers to The Economist in North America by targeting millennial audiences and using content focused, target specific, media platforms.

We chose to lean into the changing habits of media consumption and how The Economist is at the forefront of new media engagement by demonstrating The Economist’s wide range of content.

A complete modular approach that could be updated every month with new articles and content.

Our artists designed 3D worlds tapping into the magazine’s iconic red and white color palette, with occlusion added in the animation process to subtly enhance the depth and elegance that would bring their look from the page to the screen.

To underscore the U.S. targeting, visual elements included 3D animations of the White House, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty, among others. Versus also developed a custom toolkit in After Effects to easily update text elements as time goes on, ensuring that the spot is always showcasing the most up-to-date information.