cookie coverage

Cookie the Cow introduces “Cookie Coverage” in response to customer feedback

Edelman came to Versus to create and bring to life a new spokesperson for Breyers like no other.

Challenge accepted.

Part real cow, part CG, "Cookie the Cow" is all business when it comes to dishing out “Cookie Coverage"

Cookie the Cow (aka Bleu) was born on Tollgate Farms in Ancramdale, New York, where Versus Director Justin Barnes and crew spent the day capturing the necessary plates that our VFX would need to truly bring Cookie to life. In post, we chose subtle, thoughtful mannerisms to focus on so that we could let the script’s humor and the real star of our show, (the Cookies & Cream ice cream) take center stage. With a static animal like a cow, Versus chose to focus more on the mouth and the talking than the other facial features that go along with it. Utilizing a partial face 3D build to digitally project on Cookie, we gave her mouth the range and movement we needed to ensure that when Cookie spoke it felt natural, and not jarring or overly produced.