Art meets science in this series of spots for Benefiber

Partnering with Weber Shandwick and Benefiber, Versus created a series of artful and delicate illustrations and animations.

To educate consumers that Benefiber is a clear, taste-free prebiotic fiber that nourishes our good bacteria so our gut can flourish, and so that we can flourish too.

Beautiful and thoughtful illustrations that feel more like art than explainer, to create an own-able look and feel to the brand and campaign.

For this :15 OLV and :06 social and digital campaign, Versus illustrated and animated lush plant life and landscapes to show how Benefiber cultivates a healthy gut and why it’s the perfect match for you. This plant-based prebiotic fiber fits into your lifestyle seamlessly, whether you drink it in a cup of water or add it to your morning coffee. We sought to use light, clean visuals and simplistic design in order to demonstrate the nourishment that Benefiber provides.