Audible CAnada

Versus helped Audible wave bye bye to 2022 and hello to a new brand campaign.
Anything's possible :60

Audible came to versus to concept and craft a uniquely Canadian comedic brand campaign

to launch in tandem with their sponsorship of the Bye Bye, the year-end Canadian New Year's Eve parody program that marked the end of the calendar year and the start of the New Year, going back to 1968.

Anything's possible :30

To send off 2022 with a laugh, Versus created a campaign that spotlighted Audible as The Home of Storytelling, while also leaning into the humor of an overactive imagination.

For the narrative, Versus conceived and created 3 vignettes that leaned heavily into the idea of connecting the Audible title with the scene in motion, blurring the line between real life and what they are hearing in their favorite Audible title.  From horror, to heists, to hockey, a broad spectrum of Audible content was in play and, once unleashed, set everyone’s imaginations free.

Anything's possible: Crosby
Anything's possible: oracle
Anything's possible: heist