MLS Tournament

With the sports world at a standstill due to COVID, how do we find a way to connect MLS fans with the game and its players while getting them excited in the return of the MLS Tournament, especially as it will be behind closed doors?

We invented a groundbreaking new workflow
and turned the players into our filmmakers.

Versus partnered with Wasserman and AT&T to turn the MLS players into filmmakers, enabling them to document the tournament, the practices and the day to day life in lockdown, giving fans an unprecedented and intimate view of this historic tournament.

We wanted to create an experience that fans had never had access to before while shedding a positive light on what was a very challenging time for everyone.

Unprecedented access creating as close to real time content as possible.

We began by outfitting the players with filmmaking gear, including a custom iPhone, gimbals, lenses, lights, and more, all to help encourage the players to get creative in their film making. Everything was cleaned, sterilized and set into a custom fabricated AT&T branded box before being delivered to the players. Upon opening the phone, the players were greeted with an easy-to-follow video that illustrated in simple terms how to use their new gear. Versus directed players remotely over zoom, providing ideas, giving feedback and developing storylines customized for each player’s unique personality and place in the tournament. To help expedite real-time editing and posting, Versus also set up a server to automatically upload player footage to Versus as they filmed, making it easy for players to shoot and share.

Versus worked with 12 MLS Superstars, who provided 10.5 Hours of Footage and 829 Player Videos, which were then assembled into more than 50 videos. These videos were then featured on their Instagram and Twitter channels during the tournament, enabling AT&T and the MLS to capture and share this historic moment with fans worldwide, as it occurred.