87 Tools

Powerful emotion and human fear from the stark reality of mouth and jaw cancer removal.

The real cost and FCB came to Versus to concept and craft a truly one of kind campaign that would scare the living hell out of chewing tobacco users.

The strategy told us people who like to chew tobacco, also like videos about tools... So let’s give them what they want.

Bone Saw

Versus developed an integrated conceptual approach to the campaign that solicits the powerful emotion of human fear by depicting tooth extractors, bone drills, clamps, saws and additional surgical equipment, to convey the stark reality of mouth and jaw cancer surgery.

We directed a three-day tabletop shoot to capture video and stills of the various surgical instruments, with a rapid six-week post-production turnaround to complete all deliverables. Each part of the campaign is a piece of the bigger picture; the Instagram Stories align with the Facebook videos, and all the work together drives home the message. By blurring the lines between the different aspects of the project and approaching the experience as a whole, Versus created a compelling integrated campaign with lasting impact..


Look Development